My favorite headline from today’s political coverage is this one: “Latest poll reveals 430 new demographics that will decide election.”
And this one: “America needs to have a superficial conversation about race.”

And this breaking story: “Cheney to speak at Republican Convention from Section 109, Row 56, Seat 3”
Yes, they’re all from the same source, the Onion, which is offering special coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. (To see, click here.)

The fact is, the Onion is finding just as much legitimate news in this convention as any other news outlet, which is to say there is none to be found.
So at least the Onion does the next best thing and makes stuff up.

On that note, here’s a few others headlines I can see coming:
“Hillary releases supporters to go back to Iowa and start over”
“Confusion reigns as Kennedy torch passing is disrupted by pro-Tibet activists”
And this one,
“Delegates finally rebel when asked to hold up campaign signs for sound check guy.”
– Paul Gullixson