So did Barack Obama pick Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate? The Associated Press and CNN are now reporting that Democratic officials have confirmed that the Delaware senator is Obama’s man.
Although Obama is not expected to officially announce the pick until Saturday morning, it appears to be Biden almost by process of elimination. Earlier today, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine made it clear that he was not in the running. Then Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, my guess for veep, announced he also had not made the cut.

As Sweeney pointed out in an earlier blog, Biden, 65, brings to the ticket the experience, national defense and foreign policy expertise and blue-collar appeal that Obama has lacked. He also is a gifted orator – to a fault. Obama’s challenge may be encouraging him to tone it down.
Biden seems like a solid pick, but he has his baggage, including allegations about plagiarism and resume inflation in law school. You can bet those will surface again. And then there’s his contention a year ago that Obama was not ready to serve as president. How much of an issue is that going to become? What do you think?

According to CNN, Biden will make his first major address as a vice presidential candidate on Wednesday, the third night of the Democratic national convention in Denver.
– Paul Gullixson