OK, Jim,
Here’s my prediction. I think the Cubs win in seven over the White Sox in an all-Chicago World Series. I’m also predicting an all-Midwest ticket of Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana.

Here’s why. It’s simple. This election is about two things: Change and the economy.
Obama needs a running mate who signifies experience but not Washington entrenchment. He also needs someone who won’t upstage him. Bayh delivers on both counts.

Bayh and his family are very popular in the Hoosier State where he served as governor from 1988 to 1996 and as a senator since then. He also appeals to blue collar workers in the Rust Belt, which would help Obama. And he could use it. Although Indiana is a neighboring state of Obama’s Illinois – and one in four people there watch Chicago TV – Obama lost to Clinton during the May primary because she did a better job of connecting with working class voters.

Does that mean Bayh will be able to deliver Indiana and its 11 electoral votes in November? It’s possible. Although Democrats have won only twice in presidential elections – 1936 and 1964 – polls show Obama and McCain are locked in a dead heat among likely voters.
Biden would certainly be a tempting pick, but, with his 35 years of experience in Congress, he’s too likely to upstage Obama – as well as out-talk him. What candidate wants that?
I certainly agree with you on who Obama won’t pick: Hillary Clinton. Clinton is a very strong candidate, but she comes with high negatives and more baggage than Dulles Airport. (Imagine the media circus around the Clintons’ return to the White House – along with that other guy.)

This election will be decided at the center of the political spectrum, among moderate voters. It will also be won at the center of the nation – in the Midwest.

And the World Series will be decided at Wrigley Field.

– Paul Gullixson