The commission voted 4-1 on Tuesday to freeze the salaries for a year after rejecting a pay cut on a 3-2 vote.

The state commission charged with setting salaries for the governor, members of the Legislature and other state elected officials meets today in Sacramento.
One of the proposals on the table would impose a 10 percent across-the-board pay cut. Charles Murray, a member of the California Citizens Compensation Commission, says the cut he proposes isn’t intended as a sanction for poor performance but instead reflects the hard times faced by the state.
If approved by the seven-member commission, a 10 percent cut would reduce annual pay by amounts ranging from about $21,000 for the governor to $11,600 for legislators. Their salaries now range from $116,000 a year for legislators to $211,000 for the governor. (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, however, doesn’t accept state pay.)
Under the state constitution, pay raises and pay cuts for elected officials can’t take place mid-term. So any action taken by the commission would affect the 80 Assembly members and 20 senators elected in November. For the other 20 senators and all eight statewide elected officials, pay changes would wait until 2011.
Do you think pay cuts are in order?
— Jim Sweeney