In case you missed this, an initiative barring same-sex marriage qualified
this week for the Nov. 4 ballot.
Petitions to qualify the proposed amendment to the constitution already had
been turned in to voter registrars around the state when the state Supreme
Court invalidated a law that said only marriages between a
man and a woman would be recognized in California.
On Monday, Secretary of State Debra Bowen said there were enough signatures
to place it on the ballot. Counties are scheduled to begin issuing marriage
licenses to same-sex couples on June 17. A coalition of conservative
groups and churches have asked the court to stay its ruling pending the vote, but the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning refused.
The same-sex marriage ban will be one of at least seven measures on the Nov. 4
ballot, a stark contrast to this week’s election, which had just two. And, of
course, the top of the ballot will be the presidential contest between Democrat
Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.
Polls suggest the same-sex marriage question could be close. Obama and McCain
have said they are opposed and neither seems eager for it be an issue. But it
seems like it’s bound to be. How do you think it will play out in the fall
— Jim Sweeney