On Saturday, we wrote about our most recent survey of regular Press Democrat letter writers and other readers. (Click on “editorials” on the opinion page to read the complete editorial.) Here are some other results and comments from the survey:

One question was, “Do you believe the Democratic Party is hurting itself by not having agreed on a presumptive nominee at this point in the campaign?” Of the 328 people who responded to the survey, 45 percent said “no” while 38 percent said “yes.” Others were unsure or said “only time will tell.”
When Democratic voters in the 3rd Senate District were asked which candidate they were supporting, 59 percent (out of 134 respondents) said Joe Nation. Thirty-one percent said Mark Leno while 9 percent said Carole Migden.
When voters in the 5th Supervisorial District were asked which of the seven candidates in the race “do you expect will be in a run-off in the fall election,” the top three vote-getters were Rue Furch (48 percent or 53 votes), Efren Carrillo (48 percent) and Maddy Hirshfield (43 percent)
Trailing were Jim Maresca (12 percent), Dan Kahane (9 percent), Tom Lynch (8 percent) and Guy F. Smith (5 percent).

Here’s a sampling of other written comments left by readers:
“I have not quite made up my mind on the 3rd Senate District race, but, in the meantime, I am very offended by the profusion of negative mailers paid for by PACs located outside our district.” (Name not provided)

“The Democratic Party is destroying itself by its domination by the extreme left (Obama, et al)Republicans did the right thing by selecting McCain, a center-of-the-road politician. If they make no big mistakes, the GOP wins the white house,” Ermest James, Santa Rosa

“We are currently in tough budget times. I believe this June 3rd ballot has been a waste of taxpayer money. It should have been consolidated with the November election.” (Not not provided)

“I know the pundits have been talking about Clinton harming the party by not suspending her campaign. But I really don’t see what the fuss is about. The primary season has gone on for so long, most people outside the media are not even following the primaries. High School and College graduations and figuring out what to do for vacation when gas costs $4.50 a gallon is more important to most people with families right now. Whoever is running for president will likely find that voters won’t turn their attention back to politics until the kids are back in school and Labor Day is a fading memory,” Stephen Gale, Santa Rosa

– Paul Gullixson