With the long march to the Democratic nomination nearing its end, an Internet group called Voteboth.com is campaigning for a unity ticket of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Or Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The group was formed last month by Clinton supporters and the original mission was to promote the idea of Clinton as the nominee and Obama as the running mate. Voteboth nows says it would be equally happy with an Obama-Clinton ticket this fall. Given the outcome of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries and recent changes in the superdelegate count, that’s probably the only way that the New York senator will be on the ballot in November.

Do you think the Democrats are best served by Obama-Clinton? Do you have a different suggestion for a vice presidential running mate?

How about the Republicans? John McCain already is looking for his No. 2. Among the names that have been mentioned is one of his former rivals for the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney. Should McCain pick Romney? Who else might be a good choice?

— Jim Sweeney