Forget all the talk about how the race for the Democratic nomination is moving on to other states such as Wyoming, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. This race for delegates won’t be decided by the remaining contests. It’s almost mathematically impossible now for either candidate to earn the necessary 2,025 delegates to claim the nomination outright.
Barack Obama would have to win Pennsylvania and each of the remaining contests with 70 percent of the vote ” and hold onto his support from 236 superdelegates ” to win the nomination by one delegate. It’s not even clear Obama could do that even if Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race tomorrow, which she certainly is going to do after her success on Tuesday.
If you’re interested in playing with the math, Slate has a great delegate calculator which shows how hard it will be for either Obama and Clinton to win this outright. Just click here.

Unless one of these candidates drops out, this is clearly in the hands of the superdelegates. On that note, one name comes back into play now ” John Edwards. The former North Carolina senator and former candidate could play king-maker if he decides to endorse one of the candidates. His support could have a big influence among blue-collar voters as well as superdelegates.
– Paul Gullixson