“I regret that John Edwards left the race. I liked him a lot and hope that he has some influence on the party platform. I like both Clinton and Obama but as the campaign has continued I find Obama more compelling and more able to give us a new lease on life . . . It does feel like the 60’s and the Kennedy era. I was thrilled with Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement . . . ” – Cynthia Vrooman, Sonoma

“Quite a lovefest in (Thursday’s) debate between Obama and Clinton, their last chance to tangle before ‘Super Tuesday.’ . . . I wonder if emissaries for both candidates have met and cut some sort of deal. There was sure a roar from the crowd when the two were asked about a ‘dream ticket.’ I, for one, would love to see it happen.” Tony Wilde, Santa Rosa

“Clinton voted for war . . . ” – Name not included

“I am deeply disappointed that Rudy Giuliani did not make a good enough showing in Florida to feel that he should continue in the race. This only goes to show that the best candidates don’t always run the best campaigns. Governing and campaigning are two completely different skills.” – Name not included

“I’m a registered Republican, and I have already voted for Romney. However, the candidate that I would love to vote for is Obama. If he’s the candidate in November, he’ll get my vote.” – Name not included

“I was very sad that John Edwards withdrew because he had the most specific plans particularly in the area of health care. With that being said, both Obama and Clinton are a pleasure to decide between. I am leaning toward Obama as a less devisive candidate.” – Mary Michael, Santa Rosa

“McCain may not satisfy the Republican Right, but I believe he can win in November. What good would it do to nominate a more conservative candidate only to see him badly beaten by either of the eventual Democrat candidates?” – Name not included

“Propositions 94 to 97 are for Indian casinos in Southern California. I don’t agree with the Press Democrat’s domino theory (in an editorial) that it would effect us up here. We would vote on this in the future to prevent it from happening here.”

Mike Zenone, Petaluma

“I am absolutely fed up with the initiative process. From now on, I plan to vote no on all California propositions. If I, a college graduate, find it difficult to read the proposed laws, understand their implications and sort out the various interests supporting and opposing the initiatives, what does this mean for all of us? Why can’t we depend on our legislators to do their jobs and pass laws that address our problems?” – Victoria Golden, Ukiah

– Paul Gullixson