With temperatures hitting the triple digits this week, cool, clean water (whether for drinking, splashing or irrigating) was on many people’s minds. Unfortunately, opines Russian River water maven Brenda Adelman, the recently released grand jury report muddied the waters. Titled “Wastewater: Money Down the Drain,” the report is a confusing and incomplete analysis of the myriad local efforts concerning wastewater and water issues, according to Adelman in an opinion piece on Saturday’s oped page.

Water is also the topic of a Sunday editorial — as in, the many problems facing local water agencies, from global warming to a pipeline along Dry Creek.

Finally, local writer and SSU professor Jonah Raskin appreciates the beauty and productivity of local farms in a Sunday “Close to Home” piece.

Raskin writes about “Valley End Farm, probably the largest certified organic farm in Sonoma County, on Petaluma Hill Road, I see it as an oil painting by a 19th-century French impressionist painter”

The fact is, Valley End and other farms couldn’t survive Sonoma County summers without irrigation. If Sonoma County farmers, residents and businesses can’t figure out a way to share this limited resource, our lovely lifestyle could someday be endangered.