In Sunday’s column, “Actually, there are young leaders in Sonoma County,” I profiled three political up-and-comers, Healdsburg Councilman Mike McGuire West County High School Board Trustee Kellie Noe and Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner Nick Caston.

As predicted (and hoped for) I received several e-mails providing names of other young-ish leaders.

Sebastopol Councilman Craig Litwin left the following online comment and message for young people: “I began serving as Sebastopol mayor at age 25. At 28, I won my re-election. I encourage young progressives to get out there and organize. Now at 31, I am a husband and father of three young children. Now one of my main jobs is to help raise the next generation in a way that they will, with hope, participate in making a more sustainable community.”

Santa Rosa School Board member Jim Leddy, 39, sent the following missive:

“Ahem…If you are looking for political leaders with young children who are looking forward, you may wish to look a little broader then those in just their 20’s. …Some of us have been around a while…I never thought being 39 would make me old but the world seems to keep saying I am no longer young.

“I have 5 year-olds and share this with many parents in their 20’s and early 30’s. I am not ready to be labeled as the old school when the boomers are facing retirement and that is 25 year plus off for me.”

Leddy forwarded the names of some folks who shouldn’t be overlooked, including: Litwin, Healdsburg Councilman Jason Liles; Sonoma County Transportation Authority Director Suzanne Smith; Petaluma Mayor Pam Torliatt; St. Joseph Health System’s community benefits’ director Melinda Rivera; Sonoma County Realtors Association lobbyist Kathy Hayes; and Efren Carrillo, community education manager for Redwood Credit Union.