A couple of years ago, when Windsor resident Warin Parker met with the editorial board to discuss his run for Town Council, he brought tears to our eyes when he described the death of his son, Jared.

As Parker told us and as was reported in Tuesday’s paper by Staff Writer Clark Mason, Jared Parker was only 24 in 1995 when he somehow lost control of his car (there were no witnesses to the accident on the recently opened Fountain Grove Parkway). The car hit a light pole, and Jared, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt, was killed.

Only a week before the accident, Parker was a passenger in his son’s new car and noted that Jared wasn’t buckled up. He told Mason, “I said, ‘Son they make these things for a reason.’

“He said, ‘Dad, there are some things you have to let go of.’

“I said, ‘I guess when I quit caring, I’ll quit talking.'”

Parker, who is now the mayor of Windsor, is still caring and still talking. He is now advocating a measure that would allow Windsor families to get “traffic-related memory signs put up,” like the one Santa Rosa erected on Fountain Grove Parkway reminding drivers to “Buckle Up in memory of Jared Parker.”

See Wednesday’s editorial page for our thoughts on the proposal.

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— Ann DuBay