The Pew Center for the People & the Press on Sunday released a new survey that shows Americans are not as knowledgeable about current events as they used to be. Example: Only 69 percent of the 1,502 people surveyed knew Dick Cheney was the vice president of the United States. Given what we know about Cheney and the state of our world, that’s more than a little discomforting.

If you are reading this, chances are you are more informed than most. The survey found regular readers of newspapers and newspaper Web sites were the most informed.

Newspapers readers were tied – get this – with regular watchers of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report,” the Comedy Central Network’s popular send-ups of TV news.

We hesitate to mention that the Pew survey found the least informed Americans were those who watched the Fox News channel, but since Fox News watchers are not likely to visit here, I guess it’s OK.

You can find the entire survey here.

-Pete Golis