It didn’t take long. Shortly after noon, we received our first e-mail concerning the horrific Virginia Tech shooting this morning that left at least 33 people dead.

The message was from the head of a national security company offering his advice and, of course, his company’s services.
“Something as simple as keeping doors locked from the outside, may have prevented these incidents,” said Richard L. Soloway, chairman of NAPCO Security Systems, Inc., in his message. He calls himself a “noted security expert.”

Among other things, he recommends that colleges:
1. Keep school doors closed and locked from the outside at all times during the school day.
2. Install metal detectors and employ a security guard and pass-thru turnstiles.
and 3. Implement a temporary badging system to track all visitors and service people
On a college campus? Let’s get real.

I don’t know what’s worse, the advice that’s being offered or the attempt to take financial advantage of a national tragedy.

– Paul Gullixson