In our business, few issues generate more passion than immigration. Letters and online comments routinely make clear the writer’s disapproval of anyone with a different point of view.

A reader today suggested that we use one of our online surveys to measure local opinion on immigration. As it happens, we did. A year ago this week, we sought answers to six online questions.

The results offer validation for people of every viewpoint:

Sixty-one percent said immigration is a serious problem in the North Bay – and 71 percent said illegal immigrants play a vital role in the North Bay economy.

Seventy-one percent said the federal government should do more to stop illegal immigration – and 59 percent said the federal government should make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens.

If Congress is divided on this issue – and it is – maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

As the Congressional debate approaches, we may consider a second poll. If you have questions to suggest, you can include them in your comments. Thanks.

-Pete Golis