“We’ve been stacking bricks for a while and now it’s starting to look like a wall.”
It’s an odd quote coming from an avid local environmentalist such as Mark Green. But in this case, it works.
Green and Dan Schurman, executive director of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, stopped by to meet with The Press Democrat Editorial Board today and dropped off two brick-like books. This is volume one and two of “Enhancing and Caring for the Laguna,” a comprehensive plan for restoring and managing Sonoma County’s most vital natural resource – the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

This report had the potential to be a real insomnia-killer. But the information is presented in such a way as to be engaging for biologists as well as anybody interested in the past and future of the Laguna. Lots of history here, as well as fascinating four-color maps. We all agreed that every school should have a copy.
As for the “stacking bricks” quote, that has more to do with the foundation’s success on many fronts – from Ludwigia control to education programs to the campaign to build the Laguna Learning Center – to focus more attention and resources on the importance of the Laguna de Santa Rosa.
As Green, the foundation’s resource development director, noted, this year is the foundation’s “coming out party.”
To celebrate, the public is invited to attend the second annual “State of the Laguna” conference at Sonoma State University this coming weekend. If you missed Dan Schurman’s Close to Home Monday’s opinion page, here’s a link: Close to home

— Paul Gullixson