Here’s today’s Press Democrat secret: Our lead editorial for Tuesday was written by the board president of the California First Amendment Coalition and the state coordinator of Sunshine Week.

Not bad, huh?

As it happens, one guy occupies both of those prestigious jobs, and his name is Gullixson – Paul Gullixson, the assistant editorial director of The Press Democrat and In the editorial, he explains why the national campaign to promote openness in government is everybody’s business because what the government decides affects all of our lives, not to mention our pocketbooks.

A reader complained today that newspapers pay too much attention to March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Unfortunately, her complaint didn’t stop us from writing – shamelessly – about the buzz created by the challenge of choosing the winners of 64 basketball games.

Also on Tuesday, columnist David Brooks of the New York Times wonders what happened to neoliberals. (Maybe they moved to Petaluma.)

The president of Sarah Lawrence College, Michele Tolela Myers, urges parents to stop paying attention to the annual college ratings produced by U.S. News and World Report.

And Richard Cohen of the Washington Post says daylight-saving time in March is an outrage. He threatens to write a column about the secret sex life of a certain Massachusetts congressman unless Washington turns back the clock.

-Pete Golis.