We created the Insider blog to cover the 2006 elections and then put it on ice – expecting to bring it back for the 2008 elections.

But editorial writers can change their minds – sometimes a certain flexibility can be useful – and so we have.

Beginning now, the Insider is back, no longer just an election-related commentary. Instead Paul Gullixson, Ann DuBay and I will be using this online journal to write about interesting information that passes our way during the course of the day. It could be a mini-commentary, an insight into the motiviations that drive a local issue, the comments of a newsmaker or even personal stories about people in the news.

We’ll also write about what we discussed during our morning Editorial Board meetings and what commentaries are planned for the next day’s editorial pages.

We welcome your comments. In some cases, we may incorporate them into future editorials and blogs.

The Insider can be found today and every day at

-Pete Golis