Early Wednesday, Santa Rosa Mayor Susan Gorin will be giving a “State of the city” address at a Chamber of Commerce event at the Hilton Hotel on Round Barn Boulevard.

In our lead editorial on Wednesday, we offer our own assessment of the state of things in Santa Rosa, including:

  •  The fact that the City Council faces having to cut another $8 million from its general fund budget.
  • During the first nine months of the year, residential and commercial development in Santa Rosa were at their lowest points in nearly 40 years.
  • Unemployment in Sonoma County still hovers around 10 percent and foreclosures are still soaring.

Meanwhile, Santa Rosa will be starting the new year without a city manager as Jeff Kolin has accepted a job as the top administrator for Beverly Hills.

Is the “city designed for living” destined to be known as “the city that’s always cutting?” We hope not. We offer a couple of suggestions on what the city needs.

Send me your thoughts on the state of Santa Rosa. In the meantime, I plan to be there at the breakfast meeting and will offer my thoughts on what Gorin has to say.

– Paul Gullixson