Who would really be surprised?

In his concession speech made last night, ousted Cotati City Councilman George Barich said that he is “anxiously looking forward to the 2010 election in Cotati.”

Barich was recalled by nearly a 2-1 margin, but he claimed he was pleased because his “support base” doubled in less than a year from 16 percent of the vote to 35 percent. But that’s fuzzy math and heavy spin at best.

In terms of real numbers, Barich received 1,296 votes a year ago but, according to the tentative count, only 571 no-on-recall votes. That shows a 55 percent decline in support.

The fact is if Barich had been able to get the same people who voted for him a year ago, when there were six names on the ballot, to do the same on Tuesday he would have survived the recall easily. But it wasn’t close.

In any event, here’s the text of Barich’s concession speech:

“This is a great night for Cotati.  I am extremely happy to see my support base double in less than a year, from 16 percent of the popular vote in 2008, to 35 percent tonight.  Openness and honesty in government is something that has been embraced by the community and will not be forgotten.   I am anxiously looking forward to the 2010 election in Cotati.

I want to thank all those who gave me their love and support every step of the way during this contentious recall.  Together, we will meet the challenges that lie ahead to take back our town from politics as usual, complacency, and fiscal irresponsibility.”

– Paul Gullixson