Sports columnist Bob Padecky just paid us a quick visit. Sweeney and I work on a different floor from the newsroom, but fortunately that flight of stairs doesn’t prevent Padecky from stopping by on occasion and sharing his wisdom.

“Are you guys going to say something about whoever broke into the house of the (Maloney) family?” he asked.

For those who haven’t heard, someone earlier today broke into the home of the Maloneys, the Sonoma family that was killed in that horrific accident on Highway 37 and Lakeville Highway. Police say they ransacked the place and stole a number of things including a family car. Here’s the link to the story

My stomach turned when I first read it. What kind of person does something like that – reads about a tragedy and then robs the homes of the victims?

We told Padecky we shared his outrage and were thinking about doing an editorial. “But what do you say beyond ‘this is really awful,’” we asked.

Padecky thought for a moment. “Well, you can start by saying there’s a special place in hell for someone who does something like that.”

Yes, that would be a good place to start.
Sometimes it seems we lack the words to use at a time like this.

But I appreciate Bob sharing some of his.

– Paul Gullixson