Tom Campbell clearly was the most qualified candidate for governor, so I was disappointed when he opted to run instead of the U.S. Senate. But if he hadn’t switched, we never would have met … The Demon Sheep.

The red-eyed ovine stars in an Internet ad posted by Carly Fiorina’s campaign. Jump ahead to 2:26 if all you want to see is the demon sheep. You already can get a Demon Sheep avatar at Twitter and Chuck DeVore, the other GOP candidate for Senate, has created, featuring his own video pledging that there will be none of the same in his campaign ads.

No wonder they call the Senate the world’s greatest debating society.

As the LA Times reported today, the Democrats had their own high-tech trouble this week. A new Web site attacking Fiorina said she was running for governor. Oops. And the video link went to a Sikh prayer session.

— Jim Sweeney