There seems to be some denial going on out there.

I’ve encountered a couple of people today who still don’t believe that the Santa Rosa school board would really eliminate all spring sports including baseball, softball, track, swimming, badminton, boys’ golf and boys’ tennis.

But believe it. It’s done. The school board last night reluctantly cut all of these programs beginning next year. The board members said they will reconsider the decision in April or May, but it’s unlikely that the budget picture will be any better then. In fact, the district may be looking at losing another $3 million to the state to go along with its projected $10.3 million deficit over the next two years.

Two questions: For those of you who are involved (or have children) in these sports, what are you going to do? Is losing one of these programs significant enough to consider going to a private school or transferring to another district?

Second, do you think a move like this – along with cutting the school year three days, increasing class sizes and other changes – will be enough to persuade Santa Rosa residents to support a parcel tax to help local schools? Would you be willing to support a tax or even help work on such a campaign?

Keep this in mind: Unless something dramatic changes, it’s possible that the school board will be forced to cut all after-school sports, including football and basketball, by the 2011-12 school year.

– Paul Gullixson