Now that health care reform has been approved, what reform effort would you most like to see Congress and the president undertake next?

Immigration reform? Banking reform? Or should the nation’s primary focus be on bringing down the federal deficit?

These are some of the questions we ask in our latest Zoomerang survey. Click here to take it and to see the results so far.

We also want to hear your opinion about the health care reform package and how satisfied are you with President Obama’s overall performance.

Here are a couple of the comments left by readers so far:

“Now that Health Care is law – thank goodness – the focus needs to be on re-establishing our productivity and job markets. Time to penalize offshoring and invest in the ‘green’ sector. . .  Let’s make it happen.”
– A reader

“I really pity the poor people who actually think that the health care reform package will lower their costs. Yes, the cost to the federal government is supposed to go down (according to the CBO), but the overall costs to all of us will increase without restraint. Do these people really believe that you can take $500 million from Medicare without a senior citizen revolt?”
– Richard Harder, Santa Rosa

“The hatred and the vindictiveness that has emerged in our country (is what needs changing). It seems that people are so angry that they are losing their power to reason and this frightens me. ”
– Mary Frost, Rohnert Park

– Paul Gullixson