The Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday is expected to join the parade of California cities opposing Proposition 16, the PG&E-funded ballot measure that would severely limit competition from municipal power companies.

The Healdsburg City Council came out against the ballot measure on March 15. Healdsburg operates its own power utility and gets it electricity from the Northern California Power Agency. The NCPA, which has also opposed the state initiative, supplies power to 16 other cities including the Ukiah.

Proposition 16 is a constitutional amendment that would require local governments to get the approval of two-thirds of local voters before getting into the business of providing electricity or expanding existing service.

 Santa Rosa does not own its own utility, but staff is recommending that the City Council oppose the measure because it’s “an infringement on local control and authority.” So far, PG&E has pumped $6.5 million into the campaign.

To see the staff report, click here.

– Paul Gullixson

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