Had I forgotten that today is Election Day, all I needed to do was check the e-mail this morning. On Monday, we received 28 letters to the editor.  Today, there was … one.

Obviously, we didn’t come close to running every election letter we received.

In case you’re wondering (and even if you’re not), we got the most letters for (or against) Mike McGuire, Stephan Passalacqua, Jill Ravitch, Caren Callahan and Proposition 16. I didn’t keep a complete count, but there tended to be several almost every day for the past month or six weeks. The first election letters started coming before Thanksgiving, though we didn’t publish any that early.

If you wrote a letter during campaign season that didn’t get published or have a thought you want to share with the world, the post-election drought, like the week before and after Christmas, is a good time to write.

Please remember to keep it 200 words. It’s best to stick to a single subject and to address the readers rather than casting your letter as an open letter to Obama or the school board or whomever …

The address is letters@pressdemocrat.com.

— Jim Sweeney