Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo has decided has opposition to Arizona’s new immigration law should extend to opposing the awarding of a contract to an Arizona company – regarding local garbage.

One can admire a vote on principle. But isn’t this a little over the top? How far do you take this stand? Do you boycott Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games and abandon that trip to the Grand Canyon with the kids this summer? A number of products come out of Arizona, from boats to pecans. Do you give up on buying those, too?
Don’t forget that Intel is one of the major employers in Arizona. Restricting products that involve Intel components may make life very difficult for Sonoma County.

And in the process don’t you end up hurting some of the people you are trying to help in opposing this immigration law?

We just posted a Guest Opinion piece from local attorney Christopher Kerosky titled “Why we should boycott Arizona.” He gives a number of reasons for why a boycott should happen. But my question is this: How do you boycott an entire state?

– Paul Gullixson