A few numbers to ponder from Sonoma County’s final election returns

Turnout was 51.3 percent, down from four years ago, but still pretty good for an off-year primary in which the statewide figure is likely to be less than 40 percent.

More than two-thirds of the votes cast were absentee ballots.

A precise numbers isn’t included in the results, but it would appear that decline-to-state voters participated heavily in both the Democratic and Republican primaries. Turnout in the Democratic primary amounted to 58.2 percent of registration; it was 68.1 percent in the GOP primary. If my math is right, only about 8,700 voters cast decline-to-state ballots (which have ballot measures and nonpartisan offices only). That’s about 16 percent of the registration. That seems consistent with strong support for Proposition 14, which got 57.8 percent of the vote in Sonoma County.

Turnout in all four of the minor parties (about 4,000 combined votes) was below the county average.

Libertarian: 40.1 percent

Green: 37.2 percent

Peace and Freedom: 31.3 percent.

American Independent: 29.7 percent

— Jim Sweeney