Rep. Lynn Woolsey says in a guest opinion we just posted that the WikiLeaks revelations “left me no other choice than to vote this week against the supplemental appropriations bill to spend billions more on military operations in Afghanistan.”

She went on to ask, “How could I in good conscience endorse continued financial support for an unwinnable war . . . ?”

She contends the stories contined in the WikiLeaks accounts point to the obvious: “This war is not worth the huge investment, in blood and treasure . . . ”

She makes a number of valid points, but it’s doubtful whether she really would have voted for the spending bill this year. Woolsey has long been an outspoken opponent of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and war spending – and was one of 32 Democrats who stood firm in voting against a war spending bill last year.

In the end, her vote wasn’t needed anyway. The House voted 308-114 this afternoon to pass a $59 billion measure that includes funding for Obama’s additional 30,000 troops in Afghanistan and other programs. According to Roll Call, 148 Democrats and 160 Rpublicans supported the pared-down bill. Both Woolsey and Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, voted no.

– Paul Gullixson

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