North Coast politicians are doing their part to stimulate the economy.

Among them, Noreen Evans, Michael Allen, Wesley Chesbro and Jared Huffman have spent more than $1.2 million on their campaigns in the 2009-10 election cycle.

No, it isn’t Meg Whitman money. It might not even match the change under the cushions of the Whitman campaign couch, but given the political landscape of the North Coast and voter registration data for local state Senate and Assembly districts, the odds that even one of these candidates loses in November are probably about the same as getting struck by lightning. Twice. At the same spot. On the same date. In consecutive years.

A review of newly released campaign disclosure statements shows that Evans raised $401,000 and spent $355,000 on her state Senate campaign through June 30, easily dispatching several unfunded challengers in the primary. Her November opponent has yet to raise enough money to file with the secretary of state. The threshold, by the way, is $1,000.

Chesbro raised $298,000 and spent $203,000. He had no opponent in the June primary and, like Evans, his November opponent hasn’t reported any contributions.

Huffman had a challenger in the primary, but no one serious believed that there was any challenge. Yet he raised $340,000 and spent $307,000 through June 30. His opponent in November has raised $14,500.

Allen, who did have a legitimately contested primary, raised $299,000 and spent $338,000.  His November opponent has raised $12,000.

— Jim Sweeney

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