I was in a group of parents and children watching my daughter’s soccer game one recent morning, when a woman, talking on a cell phone next to me, suddenly blurted out loudly, “Get the f**k out of here!”

She wasn’t angry. She was excited. Big smile. A number of heads turned, but she offered no apology. I wanted to say something to her, but she kept talking while a few people just shifted their chairs and kids to other parts of the field, not knowing what other bombs might come out of her mouth.

Then the other day, I came across this ripe tweet from Laura Gonzalez, a teacher and Santa Rosa School Board member no less. (NOTE: I’m including asterisks where none exist.)

7:23 p.m.Oct 4th:  “Just crossed Farmers Ln, returning from Doyle Park. 2 red light runners. Mother f**kers, red means STOP. That’s how ppl die, assholes!!!”

 7:26 PM Oct 4th:  “F**k, I’m going to have to drive instead of walk my dogs since crossing the street can get you killed by ignorant mother f**kers!”

Hey, I hate crazy drivers as much as the next guy. But clean up your language.  Students follow Twitter, too.

Maybe it’s just when you have young children, you’re more sensitive to the abundance of foul language out there. But I’m sick of it. Am I alone on this?

– Paul Gullixson

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