Fair grievance or sour grapes?

We just posted an interesting guest opinion piece from the runner-up in the competition to remodel the AT&T building on 3rd Street in downtown Santa Rosa. It's rare we hear from the losing bidders in these kinds of design competitions. But in this case Eric Anderson, one of the partners of "The [...]

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Huffman reacts to defeat of DUI bill

In our Tuesday editorial, we strongly supported a bill by local Assemblyman Jared Huffman that would have required anyone receiving three DUIs to have their driver’s license taken away – permanently. We felt such non-nonsense rules were needed after growing weary of the repeated stories of people with multiple DUIs [...]

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Defining ‘local’

Is your gas gauge sinking toward empty?  A letter in today’s paper urges you to avoid ARCO gas stations because the parent company is BP.  Some people are still boycotting Exxon, 21 years after the big spill in Alaska. The temptation to make a statement, to vote with our dollars [...]

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Who voted in the June election?

A few numbers to ponder from Sonoma County’s final election returns … Turnout was 51.3 percent, down from four years ago, but still pretty good for an off-year primary in which the statewide figure is likely to be less than 40 percent. More than two-thirds of the votes cast were [...]

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Columnist Navarrette hit by layoffs

Among those who lost their jobs at the San Diego Union-Tribune in recent days was a familiar name - Ruben Navarrette Jr. whose column has regularly appeared on the editorial and opinion pages of The Press Democrat. Navarrette, 43, an editorial writer and columnist, was among 36 journalists who were laid off [...]

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Death by firing squad?

No. We're not kidding. An appellate court in Denver has just denied a stay of execution for a Utah inmate who is slated to die by firing squad just hours from now, at one minute after midnight. Barring the success of any final appeals, including one to the U.S. Supreme Court Ronnie [...]

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A (small) tax surprise for property owners

Sonoma County property owners are in for a small surprise this year. Their property taxes are about to go down, if only slightly. Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Janice Atkinson reported to the Board of Supervisors this week that, for the first time since Proposition 13 went into effect, the consumer price index [...]

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How do you boycott a state?

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo has decided has opposition to Arizona's new immigration law should extend to opposing the awarding of a contract to an Arizona company - regarding local garbage. One can admire a vote on principle. But isn't this a little over the top? How far do you take this stand? Do you boycott [...]

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The gastronome ticket

On election night, a colleague from my days covering the state Capitol posted this note on Facebook: “The amount of money Whitman & Poizner both spent on this election would buy a McDonald's Happy Meal for every man, woman & child in California. Plus, we'd be better off.” There’s no [...]

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Was McGuire’s victory really that surprising?

A story today referred to Mike McGuire’s “unexpectedly” lopsided win over Debora Fudge in the race for the 4th District supervisorial seat. But was it really that surprising? A good argument can be made that McGuire won this election on Jan. 14, the day incumbent Paul Kelley, a conservative voice on [...]

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