Beyond the headlines – Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer winning – there are some interesting details coming from California exit polls.

Among the details, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee, are:

— Voters in the gubernatorial election were more inclined to support an insider with experience than an outsider looking to shake things up.

— No great surprise here, but the economy was the most important issue for voters.

— Brown did well among Latinos and women.

— California voters favor a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. Most proposals include such things as paying a fine and any unpaid back taxes.

— Younger voters strongly favored Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure, but the only region of the state to support it was the Bay Area. It’s not clear from the reports I’ve seen if there’s a larger enough sample to provide an early look at the North Coast. In early returns, it was leading in Sonoma County but trailing in Mendocino County.

— Proposition 19 wasn’t a major factor in people turning out to vote.

— A large majority of voters believe the state will have to raise taxes to solve its budget problems.

The exit polling data is based on interviews with voters at 50 polling places across the state. It was conducted by Edison Research and was paid for by Times, the Bee and a number of other media outlets.

— Jim Sweeney

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