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Observations on local absentee returns

Yes, it is early and these are only counts from absentee ballots. But this is not like the days of old when early mail-in ballots represented a small percentage of the vote. So far, the county has counted just shy of 87,000 ballots, 35 percent of the total number of [...]

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Election Day vs. the Giants

If  turnout is low in today’s election, don’t blame the Giants. But you know some candidate somewhere will – particularly if he or she loses a close race. Normally, on Election Day, from the moment you open your newspaper in the morning, you're flooded with reminders of what's on the ballot - and [...]

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Tweets, kids and expletives

I was in a group of parents and children watching my daughter’s soccer game one recent morning, when a woman, talking on a cell phone next to me, suddenly blurted out loudly, “Get the f**k out of here!” She wasn’t angry. She was excited. Big smile. A number of heads turned, but [...]

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Unions far from unified in this election

By Paul Gullixson Those who were logged into the Santa Rosa Twitter world last week witnessed a heated word feud that reflects the divisions among Sonoma County labor groups in this election. Here's a sample: (Truncated Tweet-speech and all): Brad Conners, vice president of the Santa Rosa Police Officers' Association, [...]

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Will a third party emerge?

Is there a third party in our future? In a column we published Tuesday, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times predicted a serious third-party challenge for president in 2012 barring a transformation of the Democratic and Republican parties. He didn’t sound optimistic about overcoming the vested interests represented by [...]

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A $20 million tax break in budget’s fine print

A few details of the state budget leaked out almost as soon as the deal was cut last weekend – suspending Proposition 98, saving welfare-to-work, postponing some tax cuts for business. On Tuesday, the Sacramento Bee reported in passing that the deal also included tax considerations for Humboldt Redwoods Co., [...]

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Broderick responds to ‘repugnant’ mailer

I just got off the phone with Pat Broderick, dean of Empire Law School. Here’s what he had to say about the mailer that arrived today accusing him of having a temporary restraining order issued against him in 1998.  “It is tragic, and it is repugnant that John LemMon, in [...]

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Another restraining order issue in election

Last month, there was a story about a Rohnert Park City Council candidate whose wife had been granted a temporary restraining order against him for a domestic dispute. Now another Sonoma County candidate, a judicial candidate, is being accused of once having a restraining order issued against him. In a [...]

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Deliberately confusing election ‘newspaper’?

OK. I admit it. I was fooled. When I picked up that 12-page “newspaper” that came in the mail on Saturday my first thought was that it was from the city of Santa Rosa. I’m talking about the one titled "Santa Rosa Update" that looked very much like the city of [...]

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Click here to take election survey

On today's editorial page, we reported how local voters appear divided over three tax measures on the Nov. 2 ballot, according to our latest Press Democrat Editorial Board survey. Measure P, the quarter-cent sales tax measure in Santa Rosa, appears to be most in danger of going down to defeat. According to the survey, [...]

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